Roman Sołowiej


I am 36 years old, I was born and live in Gdańsk (Poland). I have three women at home (don't included guinea pig) my wife Dagmara gave me two beautiful daughters, I'm lucky father of Victoria and Ania.

My passion is urbex and HDR photography, I love abandoned places and industrail decay atmosphere. My education had nothing to do with photography, and my job is in no way connected to my education. I work in petrochemical industry as process operator.

I was involved in so-called computer demoscene. At the time when Amiga (home computer) was at the peak of its popularity I was in the Lamers group, later for a few years in Addict demoscene group as a graphician ( and I worked on productions popularly called demos.

I don't like surprises type "an unexpected error has occurred" ;-) so I work on Mac.

I am open to any kind of cooperation related to photography and graphics, feel free to ask me by email.


  • HDR
  • urbex
  • photography
  • photo illustration
  • graphic design
  • image processing


  • photography
  • photoshop